"My firm uses Hover View Investigations extensively. Eric Agaki is professional and ethical, even in a business where others cross the line all the time. Best of all he is effective. Difficult service of process, obtaining witness statements, asset searches, and background checks are prompt, thorough, and hold up in court. It is a pleasure to do business with Hover View Investigations and I am happy to recommend them to anyone."
--Cathe L. Caraway-Howard, Bander Law Firm, LLP

"When it was time to track down hundred of thousands in fancy Beverly Hills jewelry, Eric was the one I called, and I got the result I wanted. When the service is difficult, Eric was the one I called, and the SOB got served. When a spectacle was required to show we meant business, Eric was the one I called, and they should have written it up in Variety. When I needed it done right away, Eric was the one I called, and it was done yesterday. Professional service, expertly performed promptly. Hover View Investigations gets the job done right."
--Rick Baum, Law Office of Richard Baum

"Too many relocation's and relationships separated my best friend and I, and we lost touch 11 years ago. I tried the web through the years but nothing came up. I finally decided to enlist an investigator and he found him! The little information I did have, was all Mr. Agaki needed! I now have one of the most important friends from my life, BACK in my life ... and I am forever grateful . to Hover View Investigations for facilitating that connection!"

"We want to thank Hover View Investigations for their fast and thorough work. On each occasion we have needed their services; we have found their work to be beyond reproach. They handled it professionally, quickly, and made the experience pleasant, opposed to drawn out and strenuous. Rest assured, they have earned our business going forward, we feel confident and happy to refer our business associates, friends and family to Hover View Investigations."
--Mike Poutre & Shlomo Eplboim, Eplboim Poutre & Co.

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