Investigation Request Form (Contract)

Investigation Request Form (Contract)

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Please complete our intake form and provide all required information about you and your case. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Have you ever hired a private Investigator in the past?:
Was it regarding this case?
Why did the investigation cease?
Do you have a restraining order against you?
Does this restraining order have to do with this case?
Name of protected person
Any other names on order
Effective date
Case number
Issuing court

Please check the services required:


Asset - Basic
Asset/Liability - Extensive
Employment Search
Asset - Extensive
Subrogation - Locate/Asset
Pre-Employment Background
Asset - Specific Requests
Locate - Basic Skip Trace
Background Investigation
Asset/Liability - Basic
Locate - Extensive Skip Trace
Background Investigation
Public Records Retrieval
Locate - Due Diligence


Electronic Debugging
Surveillance - Activity Check
Trademark Protection
Event Security
International Investigations
Executive Protection
Process Service/Messenger Service
Security Consulting
Statements & Interviews
Mobile Document Photocopy
Security Surveys & Audits
Insurance Claim Investigation
Poligraph / Lie Detector
Security - All Locations
Undercover Operations
Door Knock
Crime Scene Investigation


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Primary Subject's Information

Secondary Subject's Information

Third Subject's Information

Please read Carefully the User Agreement

Rate Summary

  • Case Manager: $250h
  • Expert Witness: $250/$500h
  • Court appearance: $250.00h
  • Field Agent: $125.00h
  • Field Agent (Criminal Defence Cases): $150.00h
I HAVE READ & UNDERSTAND THIS SERVICE AGREEMENT and I agree to all provisions on behalf of myself, the firm, and the Client represented in this matter assigned to The Agency. I will receive a copy of this contract via email. I authorize my electronic signature to act as an original in this agreement.

Credit Card Authorization

Must match what you have on file with the bank that has issued your credit card!

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