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At Hover View Investigations, you pay for expert knowledge, no-nonsense skills, hi-tech resources and experienced investigators. We get the job done right. Almost everyone needs a private investigator at one time or another. And, your experience will be as painless as possible, getting the job done quickly while protecting your privacy.

We have a set process for establishing your needs and learning how we may best help you.

Initial Consultation and Fee Schedule
Your first interview is with one of our Case Directors. We listen to your explanation of the problem, and then advise you on whether your situation would benefit from an investigation. If your case merits an investigation, the Case Director will give you an approximation of the total cost, what retainer is necessary to start work, and a realistic estimate of results that can be obtained. The retainer amount varies with the complexity and estimated case work.

Our services and how your needs can be met:

What can we do for you today?