Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime Scene Investigation


Here at Hover View Investigations we are able to collect and analyze fingerprints when the police are unable to help you. 

Crime Scene Technician

Here at Hover View Investigations we are here to step in when no one else can or won’t.  We will send our certified technician to collect evidence, photograph, sketch and help analyze your crime scene. 

Analyze Crime Photos

When you need that second or third eye to look at your crime scene photographs just to make sure you are not missing anything.  Here at Hover View Investigations we have the capability to just do that. 


Some reasons to hire a crime scene investigation unit.

  1. Stolen property / Theft / Burglary from residential or business
  2. Accident investigation
  3. Murder / Suicide
  4. Kidnapping  

Why hire Hover View Investigations for your crime scene investigation.

  1. Professional
  2. Highest Level of Expertise
  3. Educated, Confident within the field of Criminal Investigations
  4. Critical and Analytical Thinking is our Ability
  5. Intuition and Judgment

Crime Scene Investigation

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