Aerial Surveillance Service

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Aerial Surveillance Service

Hover View Investigations now offers Aerial Surveillance Service

There is no question that helicopters have become one of the most valuable tools to law enforcement operations as well as personal security and investigative entities. A fully trained and qualified flight crew can be quite a help when those resources are required. In the world of public safety, these crews serve an impactful and "game-changing" role. Whether performing search and rescue after natural disasters, providing security for high profile events, covertly tracking the movements of suspects, lovers or employees, or protecting borders and coastlines, these air crews play an increasingly critical function in maintaining the public's security.

Aerial helicopter platforms provide the only complete perspective and extensive view of any situation that ground observation cannot. It also provides decision makers the projected planning, evaluation and review of critical situations and scene management. Assisting in ground operations, helicopters can provide the most enhanced and flexible tool for providing safety and security during activities such as pursuit, patrol, surveillance, search and rescue and crime prevention activities, especially when the target is aware of potential ground units. Hover View Investigations once used a helicopter for surveillance when a large estate was involved. Ground units had no way of setting up surveillance and seeing anything from their vantage point, so a helicopter was the best option. Helicopters provide a significantly unique and beneficial advantage as compared to traditional fixed-wing aircraft services, as well as any enhancement of current ground-based service technology. While some services can be done by airplane providers, the added ability of a helicopter for slow flight, low altitude operation, hovering, and nearly limitless off-site take-off and landing options promotes rotorcraft service give you more options than that of fixed-wing capabilities and services. Helicopters can also be customized to allow for a vast array of customized configuration options unique to specific mission requests.

At the heart of any growth is the ongoing development of new and more sophisticated technologies. Aerial surveillance has benefitted greatly from these advances that continually raise the bar for what air crews are able to accomplish.

At Hover View Investigations, we utilize whatever airship is best for the type of case or investigation, from a Robertson R22 to an Augusta. With each case, there is at least a two man team in the air; the pilot and the camera man. This team is usually accompanied by a ground surveillance team. With two teams covering all possibilities, this should put your mind at ease that a through and professional job is being done on your behalf.

Aerial Surveillance Service

Hover View Investigations is a full-service detective agency that provides professionally trained and experienced flight crews flying well maintained and affordable helicopters to enable you to enhance your business plan, growth potential, and services option, or simply and safely to provide the next level of personal adventure and discovery. We currently have three pilots with over 20 years of flight experience combined. Our pilots undergo intense and ongoing training in specific mission assignments and are subject to continual evaluation and training in basic, advanced and mission specific flying skills.

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