Private Investigators and the 21st century

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Private Investigators and the 21st century

Los Angeles Private Investigator

Dec 31

Private Investigators and the 21st century

The 21st century private investigator is not a mysterious figure in a trench coat doing their work in the shadows. They are licensed professionals, often college educated with an extensive professional network and developed technological skills and expertise.


Private investigators and their industry were first established in the 19th century, so it’s no surprise that throughout the decades the profession has undergone significant changes and been transformed for the modern world. In today’s world, PIs are a common asset to both the insurance and legal communities. Most attorneys today employ the services of a private eye not as an extreme measure, but as just another highly specialized tool in their arsenal.

In the 21st century the work of a private investigator spans multiple areas: from the identification and subsequent location of key witnesses, background checks, to verification of insurance claims and financial transactions. A PI’s role is not to replace the services performed by paralegals but instead to offer their unique skillset. Their skills when effectively used can often play a significant and at times crucial role in the successful resolution of a case.

Private Investigators and Attorneys

While the work of PIs and attorneys may have some overlap, the investigator can do things that an attorney chooses not to do in order to protect the integrity of their case. For example, there are cases in which it is a good idea for a potential witness to be first approached and interviewed by an outside investigator as this allows for first contact to be established without the attorney (or paralegal) becoming a witness themselves. This tactic is also beneficial in the way that it allows the attorney the discretion to decide whether or not they want to use the information the witness provides.


PIs can also act as a buffer between sources and a law firm, especially when those sources are independent information brokers or confidential informants. This will allow the law firm to make the final decision as to whether the information provided by the source is useful and beneficial to the case and if it should be used.

Additionally, the use of licensed private investigators can benefit the case immensely as their license allows them to do things that attorneys are not able to do. A private investigator’s license allows the PI to access various databases that may provide valuable insight into a witness or potential perpetrator.


Surveillance is another area where the skills of an experienced PI are irreplaceable. Surveillance is a tactic that can provide invaluable insight into many different cases from domestic disputes, to insurance investigations and personal injury defense. It’s also a tactic that is rarely handled directly by the law firm and their employees.


In the 21st century, evidence in the form of video which has been legally obtained through surveillance can be the key piece of evidence in a case. It can benefit the perception of the jury on critical elements of the case. It’s not an exaggeration to state that a modern investigator’s experience and skills in discreet surveillance operations can make or break a case.

The Internet and Social Media


A private investigator working in the 21st century has another great tool at their disposal: the Internet. A PI can conduct exhaustive internet research and scour online databases, make use of ICMS (systems designed to simplify and assist in coordinated case management and planning), and they have an extensive amount of resources that have been cultivated throughout their career. Social media is another important aspect of investigative work in the 21st century, the potential and benefit of which has been unprecedented.

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