Cheating Spouse Test

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Cheating Spouse Test

The top 10 signs of a Cheating Spouse.

Do you see any of these signs in your relationship?

  1. Working a lot of overtime?
    - Enabling them to meet their lover after work.

  2. Excessive use of the Internet?
    - A way for them to meet lovers in chat rooms.

  3. Unaccountable Hours?
    - Is the time frame to conduct surveillance.

  4. Hiding the cell/house phone bill?
    - The #1 way to find out who the lover is.

  5. Saying "It's your imagination"?
    - This is what is told to you when you're to close to the truth.

  6. Receiving "hung up" phone calls?
    - The paramour calling your house to speak with your spouse.

  7. No longer interested in sex or lack of sex?
    - Saving their emotion for their lover.

  8. No longer wearing a wedding ring?
    - A sign telling everyone "I am single".

  9. New sexual techniques?
    - What your spouse learned from their lover.

  10. Saying "I need my space"?
    - When your spouse moves to the next stage.

Stop the Lies Now and Find Out the Truth!

Providing proof of a third party involvement can assist you towards a more positive divorce settlement. The evidence we provide can prove "Inclination and Opportunity" and is documented through detailed reports, videos, photographs, and background investigations. This invaluable information establishes a strong "bargaining power" in negotiations for your divorce settlement.

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