Most Common Spyware Threats

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Most Common Spyware Threats

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Jul 11

Most Common Spyware Threats

One of the most dangerous and common computer threats these days is spyware. We’ve all heard of spyware, and most of us have experienced its annoying effects such as spyware that slows down your computer’s performance or sends your data to advertisers. However, there are far more serious forms of spyware that have the ability to monitor your communications, steal personal data such as your account numbers and passwords and install even more spyware and malware onto your computer.

Digital security and privacy is extremely important, especially as most of us access and store important information on our computers such as business documents and banking details. Additionally, a huge part of private communication is conducted through our phones or computers. Some spyware is able to access your phone, email account and intercept your private messages and video call.

It’s scary to think that an unknown party can access all of this information without our knowledge. These are some of the most common threats that can result from spyware

1.     Identity Theft


Identity theft is one of the most common crimes resulting from spyware. By infecting your computer with spyware, third parties can monitor your online activities and steam your accounts and passwords gaining access to your personal profiles. This ‘hacking’ of social media profiles is very widespread and can result in social and emotional repercussions for the victim and can go even further if the criminal party uses the stolen account for criminal activities.

Spyware that is installed on a computer with access to a work network will allow the theft of the company’s sensitive information, while stolen credit card numbers and security codes have a devastating financial effect on the victim.

2.     Stalkers


Spyware is something that stalkers, abusive spouses and family members and even competitors have used in order to gather data on someone. Spyware can be installed on both computers and mobile phones and in most cases the victim has no way to know that their devices have been compromised unless they’re familiar with the software and have the appropriate tools.

Spyware has the potential to monitor and record phone and video calls, private messages and emails, as well as track the location of the device. Stalkers are sometimes able to find their victims through spyware that monitors their location. Some forms of spyware are even able to activate and take control of a device’s camera and microphone and take photos, videos and audio recordings.

3.     Controlling Your Computer


Aside from the threat of your personal and business information being stolen, spyware has the ability to install malware on your computer that will allow outside parties to have control over it. Your computer can be turned into a remote server without your knowledge, allowing the criminal party to use it as a proxy for distributing malicious and illegal software and materials.

You may not even be aware that your computer has been compromised because the malicious software is running in the background with only some computer performance issues to serve as a warning. If this happens and the authorities track down the criminal activities to your device you will have to go through the serious and rigorous process of proving that the activities were conducted without your knowledge through spy and malware.

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